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Welcome to Principal Escape Rooms, founded by partners Claire and Josh (though our dog, Prince, claims the credit for the branding!).

Nestled in the heart of Ely, our escape rooms are more than just a business - they're a reflection of our shared passion for puzzles, and immersive experiences. It was this shared enthusiasm for escape rooms that sparked the idea to create something special for our community.

We envisioned a space where people could come together, challenge their wits, and create lasting memories.

Driven by our love of crafting, and solving puzzles, we embarked on the journey of bringing unique escape rooms to Ely. Our mission is simple yet thrilling: to provide our City with a new realm of entertainment, and to test the ingenuity of all who dare to enter.

Join us on this exciting adventure, where passion meets puzzles, and every locked door holds the key to a memorable experience. We cant wait to share the thrill of the adventure with you!

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