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What is an escape room?

You'll enter a room to play a themed game, requiring you to solve a series of puzzles within 60 minutes to achieve the objective.

Are we locked in the room?
At no stage are any players actually locked into any of our rooms. All players are free to leave the room, and re-enter at any stage during their 60 minute escape time. We have toilet facilities on site should players hear the call of nature mid-adventure.

Where should I park?

There is plenty of free parking across Ely, though the closest location is St Mary's car park, which is a short walk (around 100 yards) away, with 2 hours free parking.

Are there any age restrictions?

Whilst there aren't any age restrictions, younger players might find the rooms very challenging, and may not be able to participate in the solving of all puzzles. We are happy for younger players to join an adventure with a supervising adult, but we generally recommend that players are 10 or older to be able to enjoy the experience fully.

What happens if I find the room too difficult?

During your adventure, you will be assisted by a games-master, who can remotely watch your progress. If you are struggling, they are able to offer you clues, or a nudge in the right direction. Don't be disheartened if you do need clues, we designed the rooms to be tricky!

Are the rooms disability friendly?

We are welcoming of all players. No rooms require strength, climbing, crawling, or tight spaces. If we can make any arrangements to better accommodate you during your visit, please do let us know. Unfortunately the rooms are currently only accessible via a single flight of stairs.

Do you sell gift vouchers?

We do! Unfortunately we don't yet have the ability to offer them through our website, but if you drop us an email, whatsapp, or call, we can arrange for a gift voucher to be emailed to you, and you can make payment through a secure Square payments link.

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